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C.J. Executive
Mr. Arnaud de Jessé
Tel. Rio de Janeiro: +55-21-2441-9450
Tel. Paris: +33-613-51-7300
Fax: +55-21-3035-3134
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This company will provide all necessary support regarding:

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  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Airport transfers
  • Helicopters/private jets
  • Drivers & security
  • Dining

Rio de Janeiro is one of the country’s most beautiful cities while also being the cultural heart and soul of Brazil.

The country’s second largest city and the continent’s third largest metropolitan area, Rio is home to stunning attractions, beautiful natural settings and famous landmarks, as well.

The Flow Control Exchange will be taking place right after Carnaval – Brazil’s most famous holiday, which has become an event of huge proportions. We recommend coming to enjoy a piece of local culture by taking in the parades, costumes and celebrations of local folklore.

Combine work and play – come for the party and stay for the Conference! We wish you safe travel to Rio de Janeiro and a pleasant stay!

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